The Moon Ink Tag

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    We would love to make the tag especially for you. Please leave a name and/or a number in the boxes down below.

    IMPORTANT. You can only add a second phone number to these shapes: Circle M, L & XL, the Geode, Octagon and Hexagon. If you add a second phone number to a different shape, only the first phone number will be placed on the tag.


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A fun little way to personalize your dogs collar, or your own key chain! Pick your own shape and colour πŸ™‚

All our tags are made with a two part epoxy. These tags are made with a metallic powder which gives them a shine. Every tag is different and unique! Name will be added to the front, phone number to the back. Are you planning to go abroad with your dog? Make sure to add your country code (e.g. +31 for the Netherlands) to your phone number.

All of the tags will come with a hole and a keyring. The 25mm keyring is the strongest. The default size is 20mm but you might like 16mm if you also add a S- or O-snap.

The tags are extremely durable, but like all of our items, not indestructible. Don’t let your dog chew on the tags. The product you receive might slightly vary from the product displayed in the picture as every tag is handmade

Circle S: βŒ€ 27mm. Circle M: βŒ€ 38mm. Circle L: βŒ€ 41mm. Circle XL: βŒ€ 46mm.
Square S: 25mm. Square M: 30mm. Rectangle: 19x38mm. House: 22x38mm.
Rhombus, Ellipse, Shield and Upside down drop: 27x39mm. Stretched ellipse: 15x36mm.
Geode: βŒ€ 45mm. Octagon: βŒ€ 40mm. Hexagon: βŒ€ 50mm

Shapes that can hold up two phone numbers are the Circle M, L & XL, the Geode, Octagon and Hexagon. Only add a second phone number if you selected one of these shapes!

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Fenrir, Loki, Lupin, Neptunus, Titan, Yeti