BioThane & Hardware

Almost all our leashes and collar are made of BioThane. This is a vegan alternative for leather with the same advantages. It has a coating that makes the product water resistant and good to (keep) clean. The coating also makes sure the products have a good grip, so the leash will not slip out of your hands. Scroll down to see our colour chart. We offer different types of hardware, for you to customize your product. You can order gold, silver, black, rose gold & antique hardware. The hardware is not stainless and will discolour in the course of time, which adds to the uniqueness of your product. On the bottom of the page you can find a picture. Black, antique and rose are powder coated, thus they will discolour quicker than the gold and silver. All hardware can cause stains on the biothane, which is perfectly normal. 


BioThane needs little to no maintenance. If your product is dirty (in which: yay!), we advise to lightly rinse with water or wipe it off with a cloth. If your product is really dirty, rinsing with soap is an option (we do not advise to clean our Splash products with soap). BioThane is water resistant, but we advise you not to store your product when still wet or let it soak in water.  

Size guide

We require you to make a good picture from your own (old) collar with a measuring line next to it and send it to us. The thickness of your old collar might be different from the collars from ROSSI. An example of a good picture is shown on the bottom of the page. By showing us which hole you normally use for the collar, we get an exact idea how long your ROSSI collar should be. Do you not own a collar yet? Get some rope and put it around your dogs’ neck like a collar. Hold on to where the size is good and measure it straight with a measuring line. It is important to measure it straight and not in a circle as this will cause deviations in sizing


Shipping costs in the Netherlands is €6,95 and free above €75,- The shipping to foreign countries starts at €10,-. You can see the shipping costs for your country at the check out. Every shipping comes with a Track and Trace code so that you can follow your order. ROSSI is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. 


You can return your (unused!) item up to 7 days after receiving them. Items that require a custom sizing or are bought from the “design your own” section are not returnable. Is your hardware defect? Please send you product back to us and we will try and repair it. Return shipping costs are for the buyer. 
By defects we do not mean wear and tear (bite marks, scratches, discolouring of the hardware, etc.). BioThane will not break under normal use, but it cannot handle biting. If we suspect the damage of the returned item is done by something else than normal use or has wear and tear, we will contact you. If your leash is damaged by biting and you would like us to repair it, we charge €5,- + shipping costs. In this case also, shipping costs are for the buyer. 


ROSSI cannot be held accountable for anything that happens when using our products. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to always work/walk consciously with the products of ROSSI. All products are tested for safety, but that cannot be scientifically verified.