The Retrieving One

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    A control lead is used in dummy/hunting training to control the dog when it's off leash. Very useful tool to train the dog not to run off, so you can always have your dog under control. It may be used for working dogs as well as for all sporting dogs. Mainly used for retriever trainings.


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A leash and a collar, 2 in 1! This retrieving leash is perfect for folks who do dummy, hunting or any other type of training. Or if you just love to walk outside without a collar on your dog!

Our retrieving leads are made from Polypropylene and have an (OEKO-TEX®) label which indicates that the rope is non-toxic and safe for humans and animals! This makes it an excellent material for a dog leash. Ropes made of PPM are also highly valued thanks to their low weight and weather resistance.

The leash is 1.30m long and has a diameter of 10 mm.

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