Pinpoint map Norway

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Getting ready to visit northern Norway or just dreaming about? This Norway map is your “go to” to get some inspiration for your next trip to Norway. This Google maps is filled with pinpoints, containing places we’ve visited and places we dream about visiting the next time we’re there. The pinpoints are organized by theme, with some personal pictures here and there. It’s super easy and fun. And the best thing? It will automatically be updated when we add new pinpoints. Get your guide and let the preparation begin.

Pick your own price! As we like to do things in three’s, the price list is arranged accordingly. It took me quite some evenings to put this map together, but you can pay what you think it’s worth. Whatever you pay, it’s all equally appreciated!

Make sure you add your Google email with which you use Google Maps to the checkout so we can send you the guide.

Please note: this map only contains northern and central Norway, not the southern parts.